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Fly tablet cases

Fly is a truly original and universal cases for tablets and netbooks. The foam inside the case protects your tablet or netbook from scratches or other damage. Zipper closure ensures that the device can not be ejected from the case and well protected from dust and dirt.

Tablet case zipper
Fly case flower

The distinguishing feature of the Fly case from other similar accessories for tablets and netbooks are extremely colorful and varied patterns. In terms of the intensity of the color and detail of images plotted case for tablet - Fly is unsurpassed in the market of GSM accessories. Brand eXtremestyle® offers dozens of different colors and patterns case for tablet or netbook.

All cases Fly are universal and fit many models of tablets from different manufacturers, not only leading, such as Apple and Samsung, but also less well-known example Overmax, Goclever or Prestigio. Currently on offer are three sizes of Fly cases for tablets 7”, 8.9” and 10.1”, but you can also adjust the size of one of the less popular tablets or netbooks such as 9” or 9.7”.

Case with tablet

Case Fly Models: