DVD car holder

DVD or laptop car holder

eXtremestyle® brand universal car holder for DVD players, laptops, netbooks, notebooks and tablets. Car Holder type:DVD allows you to watch movies on a DVD player, laptop or tablet while driving. This solution is particularly appreciated by parents, children can watch movies on DVD or laptop for the entire trip by car. With the adjustable arms the DVD holder is suitable for electronic devices of different sizes. Anti-vibration design of this car holder for DVD almost completely eliminates vibration while driving.

This holder is mounted on the headrest. With four adjustable clamps DVD player, laptop or notebook permanently and securely kept in the holder. High quality materials and solid construction makes this car holder on DVD and laptop will function very well, even in difficult conditions.

Maximum load of DVD holder: 3.5kg

Best fit to handle DVD players and laptops with dimensions:
Width: 24.5-33cm
The amount of 17-21.5cm
Thickness of 2.5-4cm