Camera car holder

Car holder type:Camera

Universal Car holder allows you to record videos and take pictures while driving. The camera or camcorder holder can be attached to a car windshield using the suction cup.

Holder in the car
Camera mounting screw

Holder type:Camera has a screw in a standard size ¼” to mount cameras or camcorders. This size fixing have almost all modern cameras and camcorders.

Videos you can not only place on the Internet,
but they also can be the crowning proof in case
of car accident.

Holder with camera
Holder for camcorder

With adjustable in three axes, holder type:Camera allows you to set the camera, camcorder or other device at an optimum angle.

Screw size: ¼”
Dimensions: 70 x 85 x 86 mm
Tilt: 180° i 135°
Weight: 71 g