Bike holder camera

Bike holder type:Camera

Universal holder eXtremestyle® brand for cameras and camcorders can be mounted on the handlebars such as bicycles, motorcycles, quads and other tubes with diameters ranging from 16 to 40 mm.

Holder on the bike
Standard camera mounting screw

With a standard ¼” mounting screw, holder is extremely versatile, as this size is commonly used in virtually all modern camcorders and cameras.

Predominatingly bike holder type:Camera is used
to mount camcorders and cameras with video recording feature.

Holder with camera
Bike holder side

Bike holder is adjustable for tilt, the adjuster wheel, rubber pads for attaching and convenient to operate the latch.

Screw size: ¼”
Dimensions: 75 x 105 x 32 mm
Wheel fitment: 16 – 40 mm
Tilt: 180°
Weight: 104 g