Travel charger for mobile phone

Travel charger for mobile phones

eXtremestyle® charger for mobile phones and GPS navigation, as the first charger in Poland has fulfilled the EU requirements of reliability and safety. As one of the few brands eXtremestyle® provides a 2 year warranty on each charger. The arrester system protects the phone from damage and battery from overcharging. Every charger has the system witch one automatically adjusts the voltage and current to ensure the safety and guarantee charge the phone battery in its full capacity.

High quality electronic components makes that charger are fully compatible with all GSM phone. ULTRA SPEED charger for phone and GPS navigation undergone extensive testing conducted by SGS and are certified for quality, safety and compliance chargers with European Union standards. The eXtremestyle® brand has a chargers for each GSM phone leading manufacturers such as: Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC, Motorola, Apple and BlackBerry. In addition to the standard input for the manufacturer, eXtremestyle® has a universal chargers with micro USB and mini USB tips, used in many mobile phones, GPS navigation systems and other GSM devices.