Bike holder for mobile phones

Bike holder for mobile phones – SMART-MAXI

Holder SMART-MAXI for mobile phones has been designed for cyclists who want to use the phone while driving, and at the same time protect it against water and dust.

Bike holder - site
Bike holder - back

Large waterproof case used in the holder SMART-MAXI allows you to put in the big smartphones and navigation. Durable and rigid mounting for the steering wheel firmly hold the case even during extreme off-road driving.

Technical specification:
Internal dimensions of the box: 78 x 146 x 18 mm, 160 mm diagonal
External dimensions of the box: 98 x 160 x 35 mm
The total length of the holder: 65 mm
Can be rotated 360°
Weight: 153 g

Bike holder - box