Car holder for mobile phone

Car holder for mobile phone type:E

Universal car holder for mobile phones and MP3 or MP4 players. Holder fits perfectly into small and traditional phones. Rigid, extendable arm perfectly stabilizes phone holder. Adjusting the angle and rotary vise grip allows you to accurately adjust the position of the phone. One of the advantages of this product is silicone large-diameter suction cup that attaches firmly and permanently with the phone holder for car window. Attach the holder to the car's windshield is simple and requires no tools. eXtremestyle ® pays special attention to the careful workmanship and quality of materials, so that the holder to the phone type: E can be used for a long time.

Package Contents:
- Holder
- Mounting bracket with suction cup
- Front grille hooks (optional)

Holder is CE and RoHS certified.

Technical specification:
Maximum spacing of clamps: 105mm
Minimum spacing of clamps: 40mm
Total arm length: 200mm
Maximum load: 7kg
Weight: 170g