Car holder D

Car holder for mobile phone type:D

This car holder for mobile phones has a flexible arm - that same how holder type B. The arm core is made of specially selected alloy which allows at the same time bend, reduced vibration and perfectly hold device. Back wall of the head is covered with foam, that same how clamps so there is no worries about the scratches of the phone. Specially designed grip allows for 360º rotate. Clever and simple design of this holder very well works in practice. This car holder for mobile phones in one of cheapest line products offered by eXtremestyle®.

Package Contents:
- Holder
- Arm mounting bracket with suction cup

Technical specification:
Maximum spacing of clamps: 115mm
Minimum spacing of clamps: 50mm
Total arm length: 200mm
Suction cup diameter: 70mm
Total weight: 125g