Car holder for mobile phone

Car holder for mobile phone type:B

One of the first car holders for mobile phones offered by eXtremestyle®. Car holder type B for mobile phones and GPS, over the years achieved very good results in sales and is one of the main car holders offered by eXtremestyle®. With a wide range of arms, this car holder is well suited for both small, classically designed mobile phone as well as in modern phones with large touch screen. On this holder can also be installed GPS navigation from different manufacturers. Flexible arm can be virtually bend in any direction, which, in combination with rotary vise makes, that user can optimally adjust the position of the holder with phone.

Universal car holder type B for mobile phones has three mounting options: to the windshield with a suction cup, to the dashboard with a self-adhesive and to the grille with a brackets.

Package Contents:
Rotary phone holder, mounting arm with suction cup, grille brackets, self-adhesive base for mounting on the dashboard.

Technical specification:
Maximum spacing of clamps: 105mm
Minimum spacing of clamps: 40mm
Total arm length: 200mm
Suction cup diameter: 70mm
Total weight: 147g