Antenna connectors for modems

Huawei connector is used to connect a GSM modem with CRC9 connector for the antenna with the tip of FME-F. CRC9 is the most popular standard antenna input used in the Internet modems, especially in models Huawei brand. Connection with the universal connector FME-F antenna is especially suitable for GSM phones and accessories or computers shops. With universal antennas and connectors we have the right set for virtually all modems: Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel, Sierra and Novatel.

Connector allows you to connect an antenna with universal FME connector for ZTE internet modem, Novatel and Sierra TS9 output. Input TS9 is the second most popular entrance to the GSM modems external antenna, so ZTE antenna connectors are one of great interest in buying GSM accessories brand eXtremestyle®.

Universal FME male connector for Axesstel. Thanks to this connector it is possible to connect the antenna with FME female to Axesstel brand modems MV500 and MV510 such as VR, and this increase the signal and increase the speed of your Internet connection.

Currently, only one on the aftermarket inductive connector for GSM modems with Universal Antenna FME-f. Inductive connector is used for the internet modems without an external antenna input. It is practically the only solution to the situation of the poor coverage of this type of GSM modems. With FME-f connector, you can tighten the connector to the universal inductive coupling antennas with FME-m.

Universal adapter SMA-m for various types of GSM modems. With it, you can connect any antenna with FME-m connector to the modem with SMA-m.

Length: 24mm
Thickness: 11mm