18dBi Directional Antenna for Internet Modems

The first directional antenna at the eXtremestyle® GSM accessories offer. Extremely sophisticated Yagi type antenna consists of a number of high-quality components, which results in the highest gain signal. Thanks to its design this antenna is very resistant to any kind of interference. 18dBi antenna depending on how the assembly can interact with both the linear polarization antennas having horizontal and vertical.

18dBi directional antenna has a small size and light weight, so there is no problem with installing it on the rails, poles and brackets. This directional antenna for GSM modem is recommended where other antennas do not work. To connect the antenna to the modem cable must be screwed into the appropriate connector FME.

Technical specifications:
Gain: 18dBi
Operating frequency: 800-2100MHz
Polarization: Vertical or Horizontal
Length: 54cm
Width: 18cm
Thickness: 3.2cm
Cable length: 10m
Cable type: low lossy RG-58U
Connector: FME-f
Weight: 950g