15dBi antennas for modems FME-f

This antenna with 15dBi gain is for people living in areas with a minimum level of mobile internet signal. It is the most powerful magnetic base antenna to the modems does not require special mounting, but the only flat metal surface. Antennas radiator, were placed three coils, has a length of 124cm. So long radiator allowed to join to the antenna for GSM modems low loss cable with a length of up to10m, completed in a universal connector FME-f.

To the antenna can be attached any FME-m connector to the modem: Huawei, ZTE, Sierra, Alcatel and Novatel, and universal induction.

Technical specifications:
Antenna Type: Dual system magnetic antenna designed for GSM modems and gateways
Frequency: 850-960MHz, 1710-2170
Resistance: Nom. 50Ohm
Polarization: Linear / Vertical
Gain: 15dBi
VSWR: <2.0:1
Max Power: 10Watt
Dimensions: Magnetic base - diameter: 68mm, height: 1275mm
Radiator: 1240mm
Weight: 333g
Color: Black
Material: ABS and PCB
Mounting: flat metal surfaces
Cable: low lossy RG174U, Length: 10m