11dBi antenna for ZTE internet modems

Omnidirectional antenna for GSM wireless internet modems brands such as: ZTE, Sierra and Novatel (Ovation). In recent time number of sold ZTE antennas 11dBi increased significantly, this is related to the introduction more of the ZTE Internet modems by GSM operators. The ZTE antenna connected to the GSM modem increases the signal level, and thence the ability to connect systems UMTS / HSDPA and a significant increase in Internet speed. ZTE modem antenna with high gain ex.11dBi, are best suited when the outdoors signal level is low.

ZTE antennas are equipped with a magnetic foot and 5m cable so that you can mount them on the outside of the building. ZTE is the second of the most popular internet modems brand with TS9 antenna connector.

ZTE antenna compatible with GSM modems:

ZTE: MF631, MF633+, MF633BP+, MF645, MF668, MF668+

Novatel (Ovation): MC727, MC760, U727, U760, USB727, USB760

Sierra: AirCard 305, AirCard 402, AirCard 501, AirCard 502, AirCard 503, Compass 597, Compass 885, Compass 888, Compass 889, USB301, USB302, USB305, USB306, USB307, USB308, USB309, USB598

and other GSM modems with TS9 antenna connector

Technical specifications:
Antenna Type: Dual system magnetic antenna, designed for GSM modems and gateways
Frequency: 850-960MHz, 1710-2170
Resistance: Nom. 50Ohm
Polarization: Linear / Vertical
Gain: 11dBi
VSWR: <1.5
Max Power: 10Watt
Dimensions: Magnetic Base - Diameter: 68mm Height: 460mm
Radiator: 410mm
Weight: 228g
Color: Black
Material: ABS and PCB
Mounting: On the roofs of vehicles, equipment flat surfaces
Cable: Low lossy RG 174U Length: 5m