SMA antenna for modems

11dBi SMA antenna for internet modems

11dBi omni-directional external antenna with SMA-F connector is the latest product of antennas for modems eXtremestyle® brand. Like the other models 11dBi antenna for modems that also consists of the radiator (whip) equipped with two coils, magnetic base and cable 5m length. Antenna for GSM modems stabilizes the signal of wireless internet and allows free use of its resources, even in places where it used was very limited. Magnetic base antenna is suitable for mounting on any flat metal surface, such as a windowsill or roof. Installation of outdoor prevented by screening walls and large signal gain increases. SMA-F is used in many types of devices ex. in the modem-routers offered by GSM operators.

SMA antenna

ZTE antenna compatible with GSM modems:
Huawei: B260a, B593, B593 u12 LTE, B683, B961, B970, B970b, NB970
ZTE: RL400, RL500
Netkom: BT2, ES75, HC25, MC55, MC55S, TC63, TC65, TC65S, XT65, XT75
Siemens: ES75
Sagem: RL300
AnyTone: AT-400
Mobilebox: NetBox, MC35
TechLab: ED77
and other GSM modems with SMA antenna connector

Technical specifications:
Antenna Type: Dual system magnetic antenna, designed for GSM modems and gateways
Frequency: 850-960 MHz, 1710-2170
Resistance: Nom. 50 Ohm
Polarization: Linear / Vertical
Gain: 11dBi
VSWR: <1.5
Max Power: 10 Watt
Dimensions: Magnetic Base - Diameter: 68 mm Height: 460 mm
Radiator: 410 mm
Weight: 230 g
Material: ABS and PCB
Mounting: On the roofs of vehicles, equipment flat surfaces
Cable: Low lossy RG 174U Length: 5 m