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  • Motorcycle holder for mobile phone
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  • Antenna for internet modems
  • Car holder for tablet
  • Car holder for tablet 2in1

New GSM accessories

15.5dBi FME antenna

15.5dBi MAXI antennas for modems

External antenna with 15.5dBi gain into the internet modems is for people living in areas with a minimum signal level of mobile Internet. Antenna to the modem is equipped with a large magnetic base, which does not require special mounting, and only a flat metal surface.

5dBi LTE antenna

5dBi LTE 4G TWIX antenna

Antenna 4G LTE 2 x 5dBi TWIX eXtremestyle® has been specially designed to work with Internet modems to transmit 4G LTE. Base of LTE antenna can be placed on any flat surface (preferably magnetic). Amplification 2 x 5dBi provides significantly increases the speed of LTE internet.

3.5dBi TWIX antenna

3.5dBi TWIX antenna for modems

Omni-directional antenna MiniMag 3.5dBi TWIX to Internet modems designed for use in areas where the signal level is satisfactory on the outside, but because of such thick walls inside buildings is too weak. Antenna for wireless Internet increases the signal level of 3.5dBi, which makes modems can operate with higher speed.

Bike holder for mobile phones

Bike holder for mobile phones – SMART-MAXI

Holder SMART-MAXI for mobile phones has been designed for cyclists who want to use the phone while driving, and at the same time protect it against water and dust.

Car holder for mobile phones V

Car holder for mobile phones – type:V

Holder type:V is not just an ordinary mobile phone holder but also elegant addition match to the interior of any car. One piece matte shoulder at the base has been finished with varnished element.

Car holder for mobile phones X

Car holder for mobile phones – type:X

Universal holder eXtreme® brand designed for mobile phones and mounted to the windshield with a strong suction cup. Holder model X features a short, stiff arm, making it ideal for small cars where the distance from the window is small.

GSM accessories for Mobile phone, Tablet and GPS

- high quality accessories

- universal products

- good price

- professional business   partner

- experience on the GSM   market

- a full 24 months warranty (excluding batteries and devices with internal battery)

What distinguishes our GSM accessories?

Since its inception, eXtremestyle® - GSM accessories brand - pay special attention to the quality of their products. Regardless of whether these are cases for phones, tablets holders, antenna for GSM modems or universal chargers, quality and durability of the materials are the main features of our GSM accessories. Such a strategy has eXtremestyle® brand reviews best accessories for mobile phones among distributors in Poland and other European countries. All our GSM accessories successfully passed extensive testing and have all the certificates required in the EU. The product of GSM accessories, which are most proud are ULTRA SPEED chargers, undoubtedly the most trouble-free charger on the market! As the only brand we offer Li-Poly batteries for mobile, which its durability and service life far outweigh even the original mobile phone batteries.

Cooperation with eXtremestyle®

eXtremestyle® works with many different companies both close the cell phone industry as well as with companies having an indirect relationship with GSM accessories. We work with mobile operators, wholesalers and small, individual shops with accessories for GSM phones. Our brand always give priority to long-term, collaborative partnership with all our customers. Therefore eXtremestyle® is associated not only with high quality GSM accessories, but also a reliable partner. Partnering with the manufacturer of accessories for mobile phones get the best price, access to the full range and professional and reliable service. If you are interested in distributing of eXtremestyle® brand GSM accessories for phones, smartphones, tablets and GPS - please contact us.